Apartment Renovation, Seattle

Berkshire Property Advisors bought a mid-rise apartment complex in the historic Elliott Bay area right next to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. The building was originally built in 1990-1991. The exterior was E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulated Finishing System).

The challenge to Multi-M was complex: Since the late 90s, the lack of a rain screen and proper maintenance had caused this apartment complex to deteriorate. The solution was to remove the cladding, repair all damages, and install up-to-date materials that gave the structure a more modern and homey feel rather than a cold high-rise feel. The new exterior design incorporated fiber cement lap, panel, and corrugated box metal.

This project was set on the fast track as it was important to the client to complete the project in a short time to help ease the stress on the tenants. The project had extensive frame damage from the failed cladding. But with a new look and new structural repairs, it is a fine addition to the beautiful Seattle skyline.

In Their Words

As the regional service manager for Archstone in Seattle, I am routinely asked by industry peers who I would suggest as a contractor for major and minor projects. My mind goes immediately to one in particular.

I have had the joy and satisfaction of working with Mark Schoenfeld of Multi-M Contracting for about 4 years now. Not only is Mark a contractor of extraordinary knowledge in mid-rise and high-rise construction, he has also proven himself to be indispensable at projects of all kinds at garden style communities as well. From waterproofing and re-sloping exposed landings in a mid-rise building, or replacing rotten structural supports under a raised spa at a lakeside community, the work is second to none.

If you are looking for an honest and ethical, knowledgeable and competitively priced contractor, you cannot go wrong in considering Multi-M Contracting for all your contracting needs, and I whole-heartedly recommend Mark and his team.

– Don Jacobsen, Regional Service Manager, Archstone