Historic SODO Commerce Building

In 2005, a Seattle real estate development firm purchased an historic, turn-of-the-century warehouse in south Seattle for restoration and redevelopment. The SODO Commerce Building owners planned to convert the warehouse into office space for commercial tenants, but wanted to retain the architectural style of the period. They wanted to add a mezzanine floor to the two-story structure, converting it to a three-story building, without affecting the historic exterior structure. This took some creative design and engineering, as the new flooring system had to be attached to the existing internal post and beam structure. Multi-M Contracting built the supporting structures and finished the interior walls of the mezzanine floor. This tenant improvement project added 15,000 square feet of usable retail space and retained this historic building’s unique exterior. In 2006, the development firm sold the building and the new owners brought in their own contractors to do further renovations.