Oakwood Apartments

The Oakwood Apartments are an eight-story corporate housing complex in lower Queen Anne Hill near Seattle, Washington. They noticed signs of water damage on the exterior decks and internal breezeways. After working with other construction firms, Multi-M Contracting was brought in. Their investigation uncovered several problems caused by improperly installed flashing and flashing detail failures on external decks and internal breezeways. The moisture penetration had caused surface damage and rotted the structural framing members. Among the affected areas, three sections of five internal atriums failed. A section of the wall on the exterior building failed from floors 2 to 7 and had to be rebuilt. Over 40 of the exterior cantilevered decks had to be rebuilt. Other exterior decks had frame damage and were repaired using value engineering. The building owners were very sensitive to the clientele of these luxury apartments and wanted the tenant improvement work to be done with minimum impact and imposition to their clientele, pedestrians and traffic during the structural repairs.

The building owners wanted the work to be done without the appearance and disruption of a major construction project. Multi-M Construction completed this tenant improvement and structural retrofitting with minimum impact to the tenants and the general public. These major structural repairs and renovations were done on time, with no tenant complaints.

In Their Words

"I have been working with contractors for over ten years and often there are problems. From day one, Mark Schoenfeld did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable in locating the problem and coming up with solutions. He always met the schedule he gave us. If he said it would be done on Friday, it was done on Friday. For our clients in these luxury apartments, we wanted to minimize intrusions. This was difficult since they had to go through some apartments to access and repair the decks. He was always conscious of our clients. He and his staff were polite and flexible, working around our clients’ schedules. He communicated regularly with everyone, explaining what was going to happen before major work was done. He gave me almost daily updates on the repairs. He also went out of his way to help us on anything we needed, even coming out on Saturday to help us with an urgent task, even though it had nothing to do with the repairs. Their workmanship and teamwork were excellent. I strongly recommend Mark and Multi-M Contracting for small or large projects. I intend to use him on future projects."

- Erik Birkland, Oakwood Worldwide