Riverstone Waterproofing

Reasons for waterproofing

  1. floods and leaks happen
  2. home shifts and settles
  3. Mold, mildew, and bacteria
  4. Basement moisture can destroy the structure

Defects Caused by Dampness:

  1. It causes efflorescence which may ultimately result in disintegration of bricks, stone, tiles, etc.
  2. It may result in softening and crumbling of plaster.
  3. It may cause bleaching and flaking of paint with the information of colored patches.
  4. It may result in warping, buckling and rotting of timber.
  5. It may lead to corrosion of metal
  6. It may deteriorate electrical fittings.
  7. It promotes growth of termites.
  8. It breeds mosquitoes and creates unhealthy living conditions for the occupants.

Causes of Leakage

For leakage to occur, 3 conditions must be present

  • Water in any of its forms must be present.
  • Water must be moved along by some type of force, including wind, gravity for above-grade envelope components and hydrostatic pressure or capillary action for below-grade components.
  • Finally and the most important, there must be a breach (hole, brak, or some type of opening) in the envelope to facilitate the entry of water into the protected spaces

Available water is moved into the interior of a structure by numerous forces that include:

  • Natural gravity
    Surface tension
  • Wind/Air currents
  • Capillary action
  • Hydrostatic pressure