Contractors in Seattle

There are several key factors to consider when looking for contractors in the Seattle area. Those factors include the expected how do they fit in my budget, what is their timeline and are they a reputable company.

At Multi-M Contracting, we want you to consider a few other factors with those above that we feel make us one of the top contractors in Seattle. You need a firm that will do what they say we are going to do, make sure they do it on-time and on-budget and treat the project with respect.

We strive to surpass all those checkmarks at Multi-M as we know that we put our reputation on the line each and every build.

When comparing contractors in Seattle, you also want to be sure they use top-not materials and labor. Many companies will try to cut corners to save money – rather it be on the labor or using cheaper materials – but Multi-M Contracting isn’t one of them.

In fact, every project we complete comes with a five-year structural warranty along with a one-year cosmetic guarantee. We do that because we stand behind our work each and every time.
After 20+ years of work in the industry, we understand that you are running a business and also understand what it takes to run it well. That said, we want to work with you on each specific project as we tailor every aspect to what each specific project needs and wants.

Since 1998, Multi-M Contracting has been one of the leading full-service contractors in the Seattle area. Our team focuses on providing reliable and exceeding satisfaction as a concept-to-complete service provider. For more information, a free estimate for your project or to get started, contact us today!