Second Story Remodel, Becomes new home

Originally built in 1910, this house in Madrona near Seattle, Washington was a small, two-story, two bedroom home with a number of problems:

  • The second story had two small bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and no windows.
  • The kitchen was cramped and without room for a table.
  • The staircase opened directly in front of the front entrance.
  • The dining room windows were placed too low, cutting off the view to the east.

To fix these problems, Multi-M Contracting essentially rebuilt the house. During the home remodel, they discovered that the house was without a foundation and the frame was resting directly on the ground. Multi-M Contracting raised the frame, added a concrete foundation, and built shear walls for earthquake protection. The second floor and entire front and side of the house were removed. More square footage was added by:

  • Extending the front of the house nearly 4 feet
  • Extending the side of the kitchen 5 feet
  • Adding dormer roofs with windows to both sides of the house

The second floor now has a master bedroom and master bath, two other bedrooms, a full bath, and a laundry room. The skylights and view windows on three sides added lots of light. In the dining room, the original windows were raised two feet for an unobstructed view of Lake Washington and the Cascade mountains. The spacious, remodeled kitchen now has room for a table. The owners have a new home that is much larger and more solidly built yet retains the style and charm of the original house.

In their Words:

“I don’t know if there is a more honest builder in Seattle. He is an excellent builder who really builds solid. The house can withstand an earthquake. He took an enormous amount of pride in his work. He would always call us to come look before he made a major change. When problems came up, he fixed them with minimum hassle and cost. When he came up with his own ideas for improvements, he would only charge us the cost of materials. He gave us a tremendous deal on the remodeling. We really liked each other. When the remodel was completed, we combined an open house with my husband’s 40th birthday party and we all toasted him for his work.”

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